Guide to Buying Horse Halters

Horse halters are an essential equine accessory, but they are more than just a fashion statement. While horse halters come in a variety of different styles and looks to fit the personality of every horse, and horse enthusiast, their most important job is a functional one. Horse halters help you to lead your house safely around the barn or ring or on the way to the riding trail. When shopping for horse halters, this functionality, as well as comfort for your horse, need to be kept in mind.

Guide to Buying Horse Halters

When buying horse halters to use on your horse or in your stable, there are a few things to be aware of and a few key choices you have to make. Some of the most important considerations involved in the purchase of horse include the following:

1) Reinforced halter construction. You don’t want your halter to break, as that could put both you and your horse at risk. Be sure that the halter has multi-ply construction and that the stitching is reinforced at the major stress points where breaks are most likely. You can also look for either metal or heat-sealed grommet buckle holes in order to make sure the buckle is securely fastened.

2) Comfort. The horse halter should fit snugly on your horse but should not be too tight. Consider purchasing an adjustable halter so you can make sure to get the right fit when you put it on. To add to your hoses comfort, you can also consider looking for a halter that has either flat or rolled throat straps. When you first purchase a new halter, make sure to watch your horse for any signs of pain or irritation and if your horse seems to react badly, consider a switch to a different halter.

3) Secure Hardware: The strength of the buckles, rings and clasps has a direct impact on whether the halter is built to last and whether it will allow you to safely and easily lead your horse wherever you need to go.

4) Adjustability: Most halters are sized according to a weight-range, so they fit horses of several different weights. In order to make sure your halter fits your horse properly, you should of course get one that is designed to fit your horse’s weight. However, to maximize comfort and get the perfect fit, you should make sure it has both an adjustable crown and an adjustable nose band if possible. That way, your halter can fit exactly onto your particular horse.

Making a Halter Purchase

Once you have found horse halters that have all of the right functional features, you can easily find halters in a variety of different colors with different decorative features on them. There should be a halter look and style that fits with your aesthetic.

You can also customize your halters in order to get exactly the look that you are going for and to make sure that your halter encompasses all of the features you are looking for. A custom halter for a pony or a standard horse can be the ideal choice since it will be designed just for you.